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Forever Blue Network

The Forever Blue Network is a website that offers the community of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, along with the networking of LinkedIn, but every interaction is about agriculture and FFA!

It is a place where current FFA members, alumni, and supports can come together and become more connected through their shared communities. 

Sign up or access your account at!

What can you find on the Network?


Whether it's someone to look over a resume or application, or a long term mentor to help with your career goals, you can find them there! Search the directory for mentors from all across the country and reach out.

Jobs & Internships

The Forever Blue Network is connected with, but also has listings from companies that specifically wish to recruit current or former FFA members because you have the skillsets that they want. 


There are groups for updates within each of the FFA associations and your chapter can create a group to keep up to date and share information! 

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