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The Owl's Nest

A compilation of helpful links, resources, and information. 

Supporting Organizations

Here are organizations that can provide support, contacts, resources, and information. 

AANRE- Alaska Association of Agricultural & Natural Resource Educators

NAAE- National Association of Agricultural Educators

Alaska FFA Alumni

AET Help

Below are linked resources for assistance with everything related to the AET. Each subsequent link has a PDF and a series of videos to walk you through every step of processes within the AET. 

AET Teacher Resources

AET Virtual Trainings

AET in the Classroom Curriculum

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact  or your State FFA Advisor

Award Forms

National FFA Application Center - Please apply here for all National level Proficiency, Honorary American Degree, grants, and more. 

Download the Honorary State Degree Application HERE - for individuals who have worked to help grow agriculture and natural resource education and FFA in the state of Alaska

Delegate Issue Proposal Form

Delegate proposal forms will be uploaded here before the 2024 State Convention 

Convention Information

Event Waiver - Please throughly read, sign, and turn in with your chapter registration. 


State Convention information and registration links will appear here in the future :)

Grants for Ag. Programs

GEER Grant- For information about applying for this grant, please contact Kevin Fochs

National FFA Grants- There are Grants for Growing (G4G) for improving experiential learning at your program and Living to Serve (L2S) grants to fund service projects. 

Educator Resources





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