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Degrees and Awards


FFA Degrees

FFA Degrees are attained through hours of work in-class, with your SAE, and through FFA. They are a mark of leadership, learning and growth as an FFA member.

Degrees of membership & some of their requirements:

Discovery - Grades 7-8, familiar with local FFA chapter, knowledge of ag. and natural resources. Awarded at the chapter level. 

Greenhand - Grades 9-10, has given the FFA creed, knows the meaning of FFA symbols & history. Awarded at the chapter level. 

Chapter - Grades 10-11, Earned and invested $150 in SAE, lead group discussions, & taken 180 hours school instruction in agriculture. Awarded at the chapter level. 

State - Grades 11-12, earned Chapter degree, taken at least 360 hours of school instruction in agriculture (above 9th grade), earned $1,000 or worked 300 hours, 25 hours of community service, and more! Awarded at the state level. 

American - 1-2 years out of high school, earned and invested more time and money in your SAE, ample hours in community service, proven knowledge of parliamentary law, and more. Awarded at the national level. 




Proficiencies are earned at the state and national level for excellence in Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE). 

2023 Proficiency Winners

Applications for 2024 State Proficiencies are on the AET!


State Star: 

State Stars are selected in 4 categories: Star in Agriscience, Star Farmer, Star Placement, Star Agribusiness. They are selected from the state degree recipients of each year. 

2023 State Stars

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